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Pi Reports let you know what's ahead for your sectors in the months & years ahead.

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Only significant data about the future, and only from trusted sources.


Case Study

United Rentals uses Pi to see ahead and stay ahead.

"Pi helps better inform our forward decision-making. It has helped my team stay ahead of important future trends and innovations - we are pursuing several initiatives because of it."

- Anthony S. Leopold - Senior Vice President – Strategy & Digital


What our Users are Saying:


“I have never seen anything like this, more than 90% of what we look at is past and current data, not forward looking”

— Fortune 500 Executive - Consumer Staples Sector


“I enjoy the quality and insightfulness of the reports I see ”

— Fortune 500 Executive - Industrials


“Very polished and I really liked the layout... the potential applications and use cases for the platform are vast”

— Managing Director at leading investment bank

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